BITUBI online application

BITUBI online advantages:

  • Software as a Service provisioning model - no need to install
  • Multilevel users structure
  • Available from any place on the World with Internet access
  • Stock control, ordering of shipments and production - all these with few clicks only
  • The ability to store production files
  • Possibility to use outsourcing warehouse and other additional services
  • Application is free of charge!

Application features:

  • User-created interactive database of marketing materials enabling quantity control and management of their production and distribution
  • Different types of users: Corporate Account Administrator, User Group Administrator, User (with the possibility to determine access to individual activities), Warehouse Coordinator
  • View current inventory data of consumption of specific materials.
  • Easy production orders or prints
  • The ability to store production files
  • Ordering shipment of advertising materials - the orders go to a specifically designated employee (e.g. Warehouse Coordinator)
  • "My addresses" list - the ability to save addresses used for shipping and reusing them in the future
  • E-mail notifications for stock are sent when your material falls below a predetermined amount.
  • Handling of warehouse inventory (issues, shipments in or out) by the Coordinator
  • Automatic update of stock: based on the previous shipments, print orders, admissions and hand releases.